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Using dynamic sub-account ledgers, we make it easy for brands to accept pre-payment for products and offering customers a flexible, online buying experience.

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Safety consumers can trust.

Why brands choose Finigree, for you.

Finigree is built by banking experts, with security as a foundation. The data we collect can be encrypted, anonymized, and backed by a trusted financial institution.

Our promise to you. It’s your data... own it.

We give consumers the benefit of shopping the web anonymously. Share what you want with brands and products only when you want.

How it works

Parents and loved ones deposit funds
Parents and loved ones can deposit funds into a “brand wallet”.
Parents select diapers and wipes
Parents select the product and quantity they’d like shipped to them.
Finigree fulfills the order, securely.
Finigree uses its dynamic ledger to move funds securely, and manages real time inventory.
Products arrive at the consumers door
Finigree places a fulfillment order from the desired supplier, the new balance of the wallet is applied, and products arrive at their door!
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Changing the way money moves

A better buying experience

Before Finigree, brands were limited to lacking off-the-shelf options or expensive custom solutions. Time is money. Save both.
Deeper Customer Insights
What data-powered insights would be most valuable to CMOs? Finigree delivers consumer anonymized data insights for better business decisions.
Engaging Product Experiences
We help brands create a 100% brand centric buying experience.  No competing products, meaning, every dollar in the program is spent with your brand.
Trusted Security
Our innovative, leading edge technology, ensures all data including individual identity and financial transactions are encrypted in transit and at rest.

The Rollout Process


We set up your dynamic ledger

All the data, including individual identity and financial transactions are securely encrypted.

The dynamic sub-account ledger enables purchases via program approved funds.

No gift cards or personal credit cards needed.

Build your branded buying experience

Easily implement brand focused and purpose driven gift giving. This gives brands the opportunity for instant, low friction rebates and other consumer incentives. All while driving real-time feedback.

Grow with your future customers

Traditionally, as more brands enter the marketplace, established brand loyalty begins to wane. Convenience, price and selection begin to replace brand loyalty.

We help brands create captivating, boutique shopping experiences that build on established brand loyalty while also giving those brand loyal consumers convenience, price and selection. This gives customers a singular platform where they can manage their “brand wallet”.

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How Finigree helps the world’s top brands to innovate

A custom tailored platform

We work with brands to unlock new ways for their customers to experience a secure and engaging purchase process, that is specifically designed for your brand and your products.

Our solutions allow us to create highly-custom buying experiences for our clientele, allowing them to secure new customers and create loyal buyers.
Monthly Revenue


Baby Stella
Age 2 months
26 Gifting
$300 raised

Every dollar gifted goes to a dedicated brand wallet.

Through the custom buying experience, the gift givers can donate any amount of money to a dedicated fund, which is tied to specific segment of products.

As needed, customers then use those funds to purchase only that distinct set of products.

And, the best part is that customers can shop with those funds online via large scale vendors and get those products shipped directly to their door.

Technology that’s up for the challenge

Finigree boasts a broad, flexible framework of apps that can tackle any challenge. Here’s just a few things we hang our hat on:
  • Dynamic ledger with existing bank & payment integrations
  • Secure platform to host user "wallet" profiles
  • Shopping integrations to power bespoke shopping experience and receipt scan functionality
  • Brand integrations to power backend marketing efforts
  • Dynamic reporting across multiple KPI's


Compared to ($200K last year)

Industries we partner with

We love partnering with a variety of consumer-facing industries.

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Auto Dealers
CPG Brands
Real Estate

Our Leadership

Wes Miller
CEO & Co-Founder
Wes spent 11 years in the mortgage industry learning the inner workings from origination through securitization and reporting. Wes co-founded Finigree to solve for the cross enterprise redundancies that create bloated expense and result in increased errors, fraud and customer complaints.
Brian Schwanebeck
Chief Operating Officer
Leveraging a 25+ year career at Fiserv, where he held several executive leadership roles in technology delivery, development, and operations, delivering over 10,000 bank deployments of Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Check Processing/Imaging, New Accounts, Teller and ATM solutions, he built out teams and delivery practices that maximized results and outcomes for the organization and its customers.

As Finigree’s COO, Brian’s focus is on delivering an exceptional experience to customers, associates and shareholders.
David Rice
Chief Financial Officer
David has over 30 years’ experience in the areas of loan accounting, system implementation and merger integrations work. David began his career in 1990 at Fifth Third Bank in Information Technology. In 2004 David left Fifth Third to join the Consumer Finance Group at PwC. During the financial crisis David lead the Firm’s efforts for the implementation of reporting and accounting requirements for large banking clients acquiring FDIC failed banks.

David was admitted to the Partnership in 2013 and served as engagement leader for the development of a custom loan accounting platform at Fannie Mae.

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